ALE cheques

What are you looking for?

So, what is it?

The Local Employment Agency for the City of Brussels (ALE Bxl) brings together individuals, local authorities, educational institutions, non-profit organisations, non-commercial associations and ALE workers to fulfil a range of activities, not covered by regular work circuits, within the City of Brussels area (Brussels City, Laeken, Haren, Neder-Over-Hembeek).

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How does it work?

If you would like to call upon the services of an ALE worker, simply let us know by phoning 02 211 14 -64 or by emailing:

Your ALE adviser will explain the procedure (fast and straightforward) to sign up as an ALE services user. The adviser will also support you in your dealings with Sodexo (the company that issues ALE cheques).

The annual subscription costs €7.45, it is free of charge for individuals benefiting from VIPO status.

The cheques cost €7.45 each (one hour of service provision) and entitle the individuals to a tax benefit (see below).

ALE cheques are labelled with the name of the user and must be ordered from Sodexo (minimum order of 10 cheques).

At the end of the activity, you simply hand over a cheque to the ALE worker for each hour worked or begun.

Who are ALE workers?

The ALE workers are men and women, currently looking for employment, who volunteer to work a legally limited number of hours, without losing their benefits.

ALE workers can undertake 45 or 70 hours per month depending on the type of activity, with a maximum of 630 hours per year.

Any new assignment is subject to a prior interview between the ALE worker and our Advisers in order to ensure that their profile meets the needs of the user.

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Who can order ALE cheques?

For activities carried out exclusively in the City of Brussels area (Brussels-City, Laeken, Haren, Neder-Over-Hembeek).

For what kind of activities?


  • Small maintenance and repair work
  • Assistance for sick or elderly people
  • Assistance with administrative procedures
  • Childcare at home
  • Gardening work


  • Cleaning and maintenance - offices, public spaces, parks and gardens
  • Help with administrative work
  • Help with supervising cultural events and public events


  • Cleaning and maintenance - offices and common spaces
  • Help with administrative work
  • Help with supervising cultural events and public events
  • Help with supervising or accompanying children in extra-curricular activities
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Tax benefit for individuals

The ALE cheques entitle the holder to a tax reduction of 30%, calculated on the total amount paid annually for ALE cheques.

02/211 14 62 - 63 - 64

Contact us to sign up, order your ALE cheques or for further information