Service Voucher

What are you looking for?

So, what is it?

You can call upon home help workers from the Local Employment Agency of the City of Brussels to help you with domestic tasks, anywhere in the Brussels-Capital Region and periphery.

Service Voucher activities are subsidised by the public authorities to make use easy and accessible to all.

The Service Voucher system also entitles you to a tax reduction (see below).

Service provisions last a minimum of 3 hours and must be conducted regularly; they are performed exclusively in the home of the user.


How does it work?

If you would like to call upon the services of a home help, simply let us know by phoning 02 211 14 68 or by emailing:

Your Service Voucher adviser will explain the procedure (fast and straightforward) to sign up as a Service Voucher user and order your cheques from SODEXO (Service Voucher issuing company).

The Service Vouchers are available in paper or electronic versions, according to your preference (see below).

One Service Voucher corresponds to one hour of service provision, and costs €10 or €12 depending on the number of cheques purchased (see below).

At the end of the activity, either simply hand over a cheque for each hour worked or begun (paper version) or validate the number of hours worked on the SODEXO website (electronic version).

Who are ALE workers?

ALE Bxl home helps are trusted, experienced individuals who reflect the diversity of the population of Brussels.

The selection process focuses on professional skills and sharing our values (see “Our values” section).

Home helps perform their work within the framework of an employment contract with ALE Bxl and are covered by accident insurance.

Home help workers follow a training programme annually intended to develop their professional and interpersonal skills (production of ecological household products, advanced ironing techniques, assertiveness training, etc.)

Housekeeping and washing concept. Happy dark skinned female housekeeper wears apron, hangs clean washed clothes on rope, raises index finger, has brilliant idea how to remove stain on shirt.

What kind of activities?

Home help

Cleaning, laundry, ironing, storage, …

Meal preparation

Small errands

Post office, bakery, pharmacy, …

Cheerful brunette girl cuts vegetables on salad on the background of modern kitchen interior.

Tax reduction?

All users – single, married or cohabiting – benefit from a tax reduction on Service Vouchers purchased (whether they are used or not) in their name during a tax year.

The tax reduction depends on the region in which the user resides.

Brussels-Capital region

€1.50 on the first 163 Service Vouchers

Walloon Region.

€0.90 on the first 150 Service Vouchers

Flemish region.

€1.80 on the first 191 Service Vouchers

Paper or electronic?

Service Vouchers are available in paper or electronic versions.

The procedure for ordering, price and validity period are the same.

Paper service vouchers are sent by mail within 5 working days of your order.

Electronic service vouchers are available for immediate use.

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Validity period?

Service Vouchers, both in paper and electronic form, have a validity period of 8 months from production.

Annual limit?

Single users can order a maximum of 500 Service Vouchers per year.

The first 300 Service Vouchers cost €10.

The final 200 Service Vouchers cost €12.

Users, in any number, living in the household can order together a maximum of 1000 Service Vouchers per year (600 at €10 and 400 at €12).

!! Each member of the household can order a maximum of 500 Service Vouchers per year 300 at €10 and 200 at €12).


02/211 14 68

Contact us to sign up or for further information